Barfields at Christmas 2019

Our 2019 is hard to characterize, filled with the usual stuff of our life of recent years, and the start of new beginnings ahead.

Shepherd reading brief story of Christ’s coming to 5 grandsons

Our 5th grandson, Charlie, was born on December 22, 2018 (Cathy’s birthday). What a joy the bunch of boys are: Ain, 6; Ebron, 4; Wyatt 4; Berean, 1; and Charlie, almost 1.

David – David had an intense year at work, dealing with several major, controversial water issues and seeking to wind down his long career for the state (more below). David continues to run, but less so this year with his busyness and an ankle injury during April (which may benefit his long-term running due to what he learned via the physical therapy).

Cathy – Cathy continues to teach homeschool science from home and in nearby Gardner and to make a home for us, enjoying time with the girls and grandsons, and more.

Restaurant, Pub and Games logo

A new business – Matt and Betsy, with another couple from our church, and some financial backing by us, in September launched a board game pub in downtown Lawrence called Restaurant, Pub and Games (RPG). They designed it as a unique place for people to come to relax and interact with others over a board game. It is being well received and is worth a road trip to Lawrence.

Vacations –  Our travels of the year included: a January trip  to San Diego to visit to Cathy’s sister Becky and husband Mark, enjoying the zoo, beach, and more; our June annual family vacation in the Branson area; a July trip to Minnesota for Cathy’s 45th high school reunion and more; and two work/pleasure trips to Oklahoma and Breckenridge, Colorado, which included a reunion of friends from our days in Africa over 35 years ago.

Book recommendations

David – In preparation for the movie Midway, David read all or most of the following books on the turning point of the World War II in the Pacific: Walter Lord’s classic Incredible Victory; Wade McClusky and the Battle of Midway; and Shattered Sword, a recent work that focuses on the Japanese side of the story.

Cathy – The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and Stephen Lawhead’s Bright Empires Collection: The Skin Map, The Bone House; The Spirit Well; and The Shadow Lamp.

Coming soon: a new phase of life, semi-retirement – David plans to retire February 28, 2020, after 35+ years of service at Kansas’ Division of Water Resources, and 12+ years as chief engineer. Following 2-3 months of recuperation and reorientation, David plans to start a part-time consulting practice, allowing more time for study, health, family, and church and community involvement. Cathy plans to continue to teach science part-time.

We are grateful that all our family is healthy and well. We are both looking forward to next year’s new phase and pace of life.

                                                           David & Cathy

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