The Barfields at Christmas 2016

The Barfields at Christmas 2016
Our year mostly in pictures


Our year saw the loss of David’s Mom, the last of our parents, pictured below when David was about 4, with David’s Dad, and two of his brothers.  Cathy also lost her Uncle Ray in March.

The year had plenty of joy however.

  • We are delighted to have our 3 growing, verbal, active, and healthy grandsons nearby: Ain 3 ½, Ebron heading toward 2, and Wyatt at 1 ½.
  • There were plenty of vacations as well: a family vacation in June near Branson, time in Estes Park, Colorado in the celebration of our niece, Bethany’s wedding, and a lovely trip to Zion National Park in southern Utah.

This and that:

  • David and Cathy had their 37th wedding anniversary in June.
  • David completed his 9th year as chief engineer at the Division of Water Resources with a satisfying year seeing a number of long-term projects reaching fruition.
  • Cathy continues to teach science classes to Lawrence homeschoolers as well as nearby Gardner.
  • We remain active in our church which continues its transition to becoming a network of smaller churches, meeting principally in homes. Among this year’s focus is doing good in our community via a ministry to homeless families called Family Promise and building relationships in our neighborhoods.

Book (and Audible) recommendations

David – 80/20 Running. A good movie: The Intern.
Cathy – Elephant Company; A man called Ove.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

David and Cathy;;


dadmom_3sons1959ish                                                                                   The family at Thanksgiving
David (the oldest) with his Mom, Dad, and brothers Mike and Mark.



Papa (David) “reads” the Christmas                  David and Ain play trains while others nap
story to the grandsons



With Ebron and Ain in KU blue                            Cathy enjoys the pool with Wyatt


At Bethany’s wedding near Estes Park

13268475_10156924940295133_4355163675450745171_o   13958078_10157208447495133_7293707579189388512_o

David continues to run and then…the two of us enjoy breakfast afterward

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