Amy and Josh’s wedding

The months of planning and preparation, esp. by my daughter and wife, paid off with a lovely wedding and reception on Friday evening, July 2, 2010. Amy was married to Josh Hilger in what will be the first wedding of our three daughters during the current 12 month period.

We could not have asked for much better for a Kansas evening in July, particularly important as it was planned to be an outdoor wedding. The temperature was in the mid-80’s with a gentle breeze, and the humidity was low. In the shade offered by the trees to the west at the early evening hour, it was about as pleasant as could be.

The wedding at Stony Point

Megan and Betsy - soon to be brides themselves

The only snafu in the wedding ceremony where Amy and Josh shared their vows was my stumbling over Amy’s dress right after I gave her away. Fortunately, I caught myself and no damage was done.

The reception that followed was great fun. It included fellowship with the friends able to attend the event and good food, featuring all the desserts a person could desire, esp. the 4 different cheesecakes and Josh’s requested Jayhawk cake. After the wedding toasts and brief speeches, there was a dance, and an opportunity to take some silly pictures.  With the 4th of July at hand, the newly wedded couple left through wedding guests holding sparklers.

Josh words to those attending

Daughter and father dance

Bride and mother

For more pictures of the event, see my Facebook album (available even if you do not have Facebook; it includes a few pictures from a wedding shower and the rehearsal picnic). Better pictures will come from professional photographer later.

Amy and Josh are now on their honeymoon in Florida.


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