Rarely a dull moment here

So much going on here. We received a note form a friend, who attended our church before moving some distance a way, asking for an update on what is happened with use and our girls. Here’s the response.

Betsy‘s wedding is 3 weeks away (10/10/2010). Preparations are going well. She do not find a teaching job (as there were very few out there) so she is subbing and tutoring. We were concerned she would not be able to keep busy subbing (based on a friend’s experience in the Lawrence school district last year) but she is subbing for multiple districts and so far she has worked all she wants.

Amy, our newlywed, is teaching music education in the Topeka public schools again; her third year. She is now teaching general elementary music, rather than elementary strings as she did the last two years. Overall she enjoys it.

Megan is a senior at Washburn University in music with a minor in mass media. She enjoys both. She is also working part-time for the local crisis pregnancy center. She started off as a volunteer and then was asked to work part-time providing clerical/administrative support for the director. This year they have given her more responsibility for their publications, etc. She will marry next June.

For the second year, Cathy is teaching one biology class at Veritas Christian School. Her first year was a challenge. This year’s class is much smaller and with last year’s experience under her belt, is having a much easier time with it. The class is very interested and engaged in the subject as well. She is also teaching 4 classes for homeschoolers in physical science, biology and advanced biology. So she is quite busy but enjoying it all.

David’s (my) work at the Division of Water Resource is very busy as always but I continue to enjoy the challenge. For more about what I do, see DWR’s web site or if you are really interested, subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter.

Since January, I have been working hard at diet and exercise. I am in as good a shape as I have been physically for at least 2 decades, losing about 20 pounds and still going (I have about 5 more to go). I have been putting some of what I have learned on my blog at http://dbarfield.org/. I have much more to add to the site; maybe after Betsy’s wedding.

Things are going well at Community Bible Church. This time of year is always encouraging with the start of new studies and lot of visitors. Earlier this year, we started a new community group with mostly empty-nesters. CBC’s Antioch school continues. Last week I started teaching a class on biblical finances during our equipping hour (9:00 am) using a book by Crown Ministries called Your Money Map. It is a great resource. Again, I am putting some highlights and resources from the study on my web site. We are also going through this materials with two daughters and fiancés and another young couple.

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