Celebrating our marriage and Cathy’s Dad’s life

It is summer; the first one without a daughter getting married in thee years. So Cathy is working on some long backlogged photo-book projects. Here are some links. Also below, for Father’s Dad, I took Cathy’s Dad’s memorial slide show and put it on YouTube.

Our wedding – First, Cathy took some of our wedding photos (after a bit of restoration work by me as they had faded) and put them in a photo book: Our wedding photo book.-We just celebrated 33 years to together.

Our 30th wedding celebration – Many of you know that we had a special celebration for our 30th wedding anniversary (as we were caring for Cathy’s Dad on our 25th anniversary). So here is Cathy’s photo book of the event: 30th anniversary photo album.

Also here is a link to the slide show we put together for the event: Our 30 years together (an 8 minute slide show)

Tribute to Cathy’s Dad – Cathy’s Dad died during September 2005. Here is the slide show we put together for the event. Memorial for Cathy‚Äôs Dad

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