Christmas 2011

Below is a link to our Christmas letter for 2011, highlighting another full year with Megan’s wedding, adjusting to the empty nest, our adopting a second dog, and much more. It also includes a few pictures and book and movie recommendations.

David & Cathy 2011

As has been our custom for the last 4 years, last night, Cathy and I, the three girls and their husbands went to the KC Rep’s production of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and afterwards went out for dessert on the Plaza.

Tonight, we will get together for Cathy’s birthday.

Then we will all get together for Christmas evening.

It is great for us that all of them have stayed in the Lawrence area (so far). This time of year is a blessing when things slow down enough for us to share more time together.

Christmas letter 2011

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