Christmas letter and expanded recipe collection

AtLightHouse_0589BWA belated New Year 2013!

This post will let you know we have posted on Christmas newsletter and updated our pages on healthy recipes and our advice on exercise.

In our 2012 Christmas letter we share a bit about the busy year just concluded and share our about the big anticipation for coming year: we are going to be grandparents for the first time.

At right is a picture of us in Portland, Maine this past summer at the nation’s most famous lighthouse: Portland Head. David was in Portland to testify at trial in Kansas’ case against Nebraska regarding the Republican River Compact. Cathy came out at the end of trial for a mini-vacation.

We have updated, expanded and better organized our list of favorite recipes at  Eating well is one major part of our “secret” to maintaining good health. Most of the recipes are from Eating Well Magazine and esp. one of their cookbooks we have, Eating Well for Two. The cookbooks not only provides nutritious and delicious recipes but with them: portion control. So we just eat slowly, enjoy it all, and find our appetites satisfied.

On David’s web site, he has updated list of our favorite exercise routines at  In our day, for most of us, exercise is another essential for sustained, good health. We have learned that exercise is not a secret of weight loss (the science says that over the long term, we all “compensate” for the extra calorie expenditures either eating more or being less active later). But its benefits to the heart, muscles, brains and overall health are profound. So exercise for the right reason, find something that works for you, and do it regularly.  Also on David’s web site is a brief overview of a book he is reading and recommends: The First 20 Minutes.

Cheers. David and Cathy

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